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Our Story

Our Story is a story of two people meant to be together- and brought together by our dogs.

In front of the Gunners Pub near Highbury

In front of the Gunners Pub near Highbury

Years ago, a little girl and a little boy lived in an old and unfriendly part of town, just a few houses from each other- and they didn´t know each other. Meeting daily in a grocer´s shop nearby, stepping by on the street- but it wasn´t their time, not yet. After some years they both left to live in another part of town- and by the will of Fate, they became nearly neighbors again. Meeting daily in a grocer´s shop nearby, stepping by on the street- but still their time was about to come.

The girl had always wanted to have a dog. The boy had always wanted to have a dog. He had had a dog. She had had a dog (or at least her parents had). Both dogs were over the Rainbow Bridge now.

The girl began to look for a dog. The boy became to look for a dog. The girl liked shelties a lot but decided to have a cavalier in the end. The boy liked cavaliers a lot but decided to have a sheltie in the end. And both dogs were nearly of the same age.

The first meetings were accidental. The next ones were planned. Two young dogs played together. Two young people talked. About the dogs. About the books. About the world.

And the world had changed…
We got married two years after our first meeting. On our wedding invitations, there were the photos of our two guys.

The Butterfly House in the London Zoo

The Butterfly House in the London Zoo

Thank you, Rhettie and Tom, for bringing us together!

About Our Kennel

Besides our guys, we shared common thoughts, beliefs and dreams. Both of us have always dreamed og having many dogs around us, to do things with them, to simply enjoy their company. Each and every one of them is special. As we wanted to have a dog a bit bigger than our guys, we got Lauren. As we wanted more bright-shining Cavalier eyes around, we got Cesca. As we were also interested in dog sport, we got Ronja. Kessu came just because she won our hearts. Phoenix came to be a sunbeam and a bringer of joy. And as we have so many thoughts and dreams about what we want our dogs´ and our breeds´ future to be like, we decided to start as breeders, and so our kennel came to be. We had breeding plans already when Lauren came to us, but then we were living in a flat and without car. But as it is said, there is no limit to your dreams- and so you are reading our kennel´s homepage…

Our Breeding plans

The main purpose of kennel Ice and Fire is to breed only dogs as healthy as possible and with good character and nice looks. All our potential breeding dogs have their health tested according to the rules of Estonian Kennel Union and breed clubs; all of the dogs have participated on dog shows several times. We never breed dogs with health problems that have potentially genetic origin, including allergies. Also we never breed aggressive dogs or dogs with other mental problems. While planning a litter, we ask ourselves whether we would like to keep a puppy from this litter for us- if not, there will be no litter that time.
From the potential owners of our puppies, we expect the same love towards dogs that we have ourselves. As our dogs are full participants in our lives, we do not give our puppies to be chained outside the house, as well as to be given to another people as presents. Just like that, we never give our puppies into however famous kennels who keep their dogs separated from the family. We also never give a puppy to someone who finds it unpleasant to keep us constantly informed of the dog´s wellbeing. We guarantee honesty: we keep our puppy-owners informed of every information considering the puppies´ relatives, health and behaviour. Every person is welcome to visit us to meet our dogs at home as well as outside their home. We try to be available for contact for 24 hours, to help and advice our puppy- owners and, if necessary, produce contacts of specialists- as a young kennel, we have a lot to learn as well.
If you find these principles acceptable, please feel free to contact us!


We wish to say our greatest thanks to:

All the breeders of our dogs and the people from kennels White Coastal, Cayring, Galderden, Royal Fantasy, Sylena, Ramsan, Created for You, Simolan Goldens, Windalas and Born To Win White- for your trust and support.

The trainer of our dogs Mrs Marika Mikk, who has had enormous temper and optimism with us

Dr Jana Paalandi and the personel of Clinic Felivet

The personel from R-kliinik and clinic Animal and Dr Lüüdik, Dr Villemson and Dr Mõtsküla- thanks for everything and blessings in your hard work!

Dr Raisa Francis and her colleagues. The personel from Akuutti Clinic in Oulu.

Our parents and relatives who have had hard times because of us being “dog freaks”

The wonderful owners of our dogs´ friends and playing mates

All great people from Koertekoda and Cavalierifoorum, for advice, transport, support and photos; especially our “hairdresser” Monika Mark, who has been taking care for Lauren´s good looks

David Rudnick for designing our web page.

Madis Veskimeister and his Company Pingviinitiivul for helping us with all kind of IT stuff.

May you all be blessed!!!

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