Back from Latvia

July 24th and 25th, our young stars Pipi and Phoenix competed in Jaunmarupe dog show, Latvia. In really hot wheather, Pipi was just perfect, to become BOB Puppy both days with lots of good words from honourable judges. Especially Mrs K Butrimova liked her, describing her as “very, very promising”. We are very proud for Pipi´s success and very thankful to our dear Dina, who has bred this marvellous little girl.
As for Phoenix, this show was a mere training, as she already is Latvian Junior Champion. So we tested a new show leash and a new attitude towards different judges. On the first day, in competition with our breeder´s best junior dog, BTWW Almighty, we got “very good” and an opinion “a little reserved”, which, of course, is true- but I would say that this time Phoenix was behaving much more confidently than usually. As Phoenix takes over her handler´s attitude, and as the handler was quite calm this time, Phoenix also stayed quite calm. As the new leash is much thinner than the old one, I was keeping her a little back in movement and so it was much less impressive than usual. On the second day, under honourable Mrs Lawless, our girl was in even better mood, although usually the second day has been less succesful than the first. She got “excellent” for her really excellent performance, but as the judge found her still immature, we were not competing on the best of breed title. We are still very proud, because our girls seems to become better performer time after time and because she has proved her ability to be in top form also on both days and under difficult circumstances. Good girl, Phoenix, we love you!
Jaunmarupe show was well organized: there was enough room in showrings and also good facilities to spend night either in car or tents. It was also possible to swim in the local lake- and although Phoenix and Pipi were not very fond of it, our beloved Rhett appeared to be a really tough swimmer- just like his mommy!

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