From Viimsi with delay

Aug 1st at Viimsi Phoenix was the only one of our gang to compete, as Pipi has had enough performances in puppy class already. And for Phoenix, it was also merely training, as we have got our sertificates from Estonia already.
Mr Kim Vigso Nielsen had to be our judge, but was replaced by Mrs Lessi Tshistjakova on the very last minute which was a bit confusing for me, but luckily not for Phoenix. She was performing very well, and I am really satisfied wth her movement as well as standing. After some time she seemed to get a little bored, but still she got her „excellent” and Best Junior and was also the only and best female. Then we were asked for the BOB competition and we really thought there is nothing for us to get, as the best male was a very beautiful open class boy White Gold Dream Bond. So we were really taken by surprise when honourable judge gave the BOB title for us!!! It was just a wonder!!! Besides the title I heard a lot of good words from her about how good my girl looks like despite of her young age.
Next we will be performing in Väimela this weekend. As for Phoenix, this is her last performance this seasoni n Estonia. She will be performing in Lithuania for a couple of times, though. Pipi will debut in junior class and she will make some more performances this autumn, next being on this very Sunday in Luunja on VIII/IX group specialty show. She is changing her coat, but still looking good enough to compete. On the specialty show, Francesca and Lauren will also perform. Lauren will go to our trainer´s place to make her obedience level 3 exams, but as Luunja show has always one of most well organized and nice shows, we will be out with the whole „spaniel” team there. Also our beloved Hopi (I&F Hopewell) will b performing and we hope the best for her.

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