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The last news on this page are from the end of last summer. From that time, great changes have taken place in our lives, the most important of which is our moving to Finland in the end of September. By now, the whole gang has quite accustomized to our new home. Of our seven dogs, six moved with us: as our helping hand and mother stayed in Estonia to keep the fire burning in the hearth, Tom stayed with her to be his guardian knight. We didn´t agree on this easily, but Tom is actually most satisfied with this decision- as he has the whole house and all of the attention from now on.
Sulkavanjärvi is a small idyllic countryside village in Pielavesi County, and we have a small rental house here at the moment. A great baking oven, forest right in the back of the house and great granite cliffs to remind us of the stone gardens of Saaremaa… We welcomed the new year quietly at home. New year brought new challenges: Francesca was taken to Estonia by our good friends to give birth to puppies in kennel Galderden. About the good news in our own kennel you can read from the puppies´page.
The first dog expos for our dogs will take place in April, as Pipi and Phoenix are supposed to take part in group IX/ group I shows, respectively. The first show in Estonia will be the great cavalier specialty show in May; besides that we will probably visit the international dog show in Pärnu and traditionally close the season in Estonia with Väimela/Luunja shows in August- only to continue in Finland. Besides that, we hope to visit Latvia and Lietuva in the autumn. This year, the official health tests will be performed on the white shepherds (although no white shepherd litters are planned for this year yet) and also cavaliers. As Estonian official eye test is not valid in Finland, Lauren was tested again in January, with very good results. Besides that we plan to continue with the trainings, Ronja and also probably Lauren will be mental tested and hopefully Lauren will go on with obedience trainings to give the third level exams with Mrs Marika Mikk. If everything goes as planned, we await some new bright shining stars to join our family this year.

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