Lauren and Rolle

03.02.2011 Cayring Carrol Cathay “Lauren” was mated with CIE, LTUW-08 Windalas Rolling Stones “Rolle”. For Lauren, this is the first and probably the only one litter, from which we hope a new member for our kennel too. We chose Rolle particularly because in addition to the enchantingly beautiful appearance, he also has really nice teddy bear- character and dignified training results: Toko Alo2 / second prize obedience class 1, which is very important to us. Both parents have health studies A0, and eyes healthy. We visited Rolle last autumn, and really liked him very much. Our hopes for this mating is to get the puppies who would carry on both parents´ excellent working abilities as well as good character. Rolle has also a beautiful coat and good body which we hope him to give his children too. We’ve seen photos from Rolle´s previous litters and they left us a good impression.
Was Lauren´s and Rolle´s love blessed, we will hopefully know for the next week when the ultrasound is scheduled.
Thank you Anna-Maija and Jouko from Windalas kennel for help and support!

Lauren and Rolle

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