They were born!

On Feb 02, 2013, Lauren and SvanteĀ“s puppies were born by Caesarean section. Eight marvellous creatures, two of them being girls and six of them boys, are eating well and demanding attention on loud voices. Mother is naturally a little bit weak, but we expect her to recover quickly. Until then, our wonderful and loving Phoenix helps to take care of the little ones.

Lauren with her puppies

The reason on operation was so-called lazy uterus due to the great number and weight of puppies and the big amount of water that did not leave the uterus enough volume to contract spontaneously. The babies, as well as the mother, were in good condition at the time of surgery and right after that. All puppies began to breath spontaneously and were eating well already on the first hour of their lives. We hope to give more information and pictures of their well being on the page of “Puppies” soon enough.

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