They were born!

On Feb 02, 2013, Lauren and Svante´s puppies were born by Caesarean section. Eight marvellous creatures, two of them being girls and six of them boys, are eating well and demanding attention on loud voices. Mother is naturally a little bit weak, but we expect her to recover quickly. Until then, our wonderful and loving Phoenix helps to take care of the little ones.

Lauren with her puppies

The reason on operation was so-called lazy uterus due to the great number and weight of puppies and the big amount of water that did not leave the uterus enough volume to contract spontaneously. The babies, as well as the mother, were in good condition at the time of surgery and right after that. All puppies began to breath spontaneously and were eating well already on the first hour of their lives. We hope to give more information and pictures of their well being on the page of “Puppies” soon enough.

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We expect puppies

We expect golden retriever puppies in the end on January. Lauren had her pregnancy confirmed with ultrasound. More information on the litter will be available on the puppies page.

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Happy Birthday Rhettie!

Today, our beloved Frederick alias Rhett Butler will be 7 years old. Many happy returns, faithful friend!


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We expect puppies!

Lauren went to ultrasound on Friday, 04.03.2011. and pregnancy was officially confirmed. The puppies are expected to be born on the14th week. In case of interest in our puppies you can contact us via e-mail or

For more information check our puppies page!

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Lauren and Rolle

03.02.2011 Cayring Carrol Cathay “Lauren” was mated with CIE, LTUW-08 Windalas Rolling Stones “Rolle”. For Lauren, this is the first and probably the only one litter, from which we hope a new member for our kennel too. We chose Rolle particularly because in addition to the enchantingly beautiful appearance, he also has really nice teddy bear- character and dignified training results: Toko Alo2 / second prize obedience class 1, which is very important to us. Both parents have health studies A0, and eyes healthy. We visited Rolle last autumn, and really liked him very much. Our hopes for this mating is to get the puppies who would carry on both parents´ excellent working abilities as well as good character. Rolle has also a beautiful coat and good body which we hope him to give his children too. We’ve seen photos from Rolle´s previous litters and they left us a good impression.
Was Lauren´s and Rolle´s love blessed, we will hopefully know for the next week when the ultrasound is scheduled.
Thank you Anna-Maija and Jouko from Windalas kennel for help and support!

Lauren and Rolle

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Changes in our life

The last news on this page are from the end of last summer. From that time, great changes have taken place in our lives, the most important of which is our moving to Finland in the end of September. By now, the whole gang has quite accustomized to our new home. Of our seven dogs, six moved with us: as our helping hand and mother stayed in Estonia to keep the fire burning in the hearth, Tom stayed with her to be his guardian knight. We didn´t agree on this easily, but Tom is actually most satisfied with this decision- as he has the whole house and all of the attention from now on.
Sulkavanjärvi is a small idyllic countryside village in Pielavesi County, and we have a small rental house here at the moment. A great baking oven, forest right in the back of the house and great granite cliffs to remind us of the stone gardens of Saaremaa… We welcomed the new year quietly at home. New year brought new challenges: Francesca was taken to Estonia by our good friends to give birth to puppies in kennel Galderden. About the good news in our own kennel you can read from the puppies´page.
The first dog expos for our dogs will take place in April, as Pipi and Phoenix are supposed to take part in group IX/ group I shows, respectively. The first show in Estonia will be the great cavalier specialty show in May; besides that we will probably visit the international dog show in Pärnu and traditionally close the season in Estonia with Väimela/Luunja shows in August- only to continue in Finland. Besides that, we hope to visit Latvia and Lietuva in the autumn. This year, the official health tests will be performed on the white shepherds (although no white shepherd litters are planned for this year yet) and also cavaliers. As Estonian official eye test is not valid in Finland, Lauren was tested again in January, with very good results. Besides that we plan to continue with the trainings, Ronja and also probably Lauren will be mental tested and hopefully Lauren will go on with obedience trainings to give the third level exams with Mrs Marika Mikk. If everything goes as planned, we await some new bright shining stars to join our family this year.

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Happy Birthday

We wish a very happy birthday to Hopewell and Gulliver – the first litter from our kennel. Have a wonderful birthday little ones!

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Happy New Year!

We wish a very happy new year to all our friends!

Kennel Ice and Fire

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From Viimsi with delay

Aug 1st at Viimsi Phoenix was the only one of our gang to compete, as Pipi has had enough performances in puppy class already. And for Phoenix, it was also merely training, as we have got our sertificates from Estonia already.
Mr Kim Vigso Nielsen had to be our judge, but was replaced by Mrs Lessi Tshistjakova on the very last minute which was a bit confusing for me, but luckily not for Phoenix. She was performing very well, and I am really satisfied wth her movement as well as standing. After some time she seemed to get a little bored, but still she got her „excellent” and Best Junior and was also the only and best female. Then we were asked for the BOB competition and we really thought there is nothing for us to get, as the best male was a very beautiful open class boy White Gold Dream Bond. So we were really taken by surprise when honourable judge gave the BOB title for us!!! It was just a wonder!!! Besides the title I heard a lot of good words from her about how good my girl looks like despite of her young age.
Next we will be performing in Väimela this weekend. As for Phoenix, this is her last performance this seasoni n Estonia. She will be performing in Lithuania for a couple of times, though. Pipi will debut in junior class and she will make some more performances this autumn, next being on this very Sunday in Luunja on VIII/IX group specialty show. She is changing her coat, but still looking good enough to compete. On the specialty show, Francesca and Lauren will also perform. Lauren will go to our trainer´s place to make her obedience level 3 exams, but as Luunja show has always one of most well organized and nice shows, we will be out with the whole „spaniel” team there. Also our beloved Hopi (I&F Hopewell) will b performing and we hope the best for her.

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Back from Latvia

July 24th and 25th, our young stars Pipi and Phoenix competed in Jaunmarupe dog show, Latvia. In really hot wheather, Pipi was just perfect, to become BOB Puppy both days with lots of good words from honourable judges. Especially Mrs K Butrimova liked her, describing her as “very, very promising”. We are very proud for Pipi´s success and very thankful to our dear Dina, who has bred this marvellous little girl.
As for Phoenix, this show was a mere training, as she already is Latvian Junior Champion. So we tested a new show leash and a new attitude towards different judges. On the first day, in competition with our breeder´s best junior dog, BTWW Almighty, we got “very good” and an opinion “a little reserved”, which, of course, is true- but I would say that this time Phoenix was behaving much more confidently than usually. As Phoenix takes over her handler´s attitude, and as the handler was quite calm this time, Phoenix also stayed quite calm. As the new leash is much thinner than the old one, I was keeping her a little back in movement and so it was much less impressive than usual. On the second day, under honourable Mrs Lawless, our girl was in even better mood, although usually the second day has been less succesful than the first. She got “excellent” for her really excellent performance, but as the judge found her still immature, we were not competing on the best of breed title. We are still very proud, because our girls seems to become better performer time after time and because she has proved her ability to be in top form also on both days and under difficult circumstances. Good girl, Phoenix, we love you!
Jaunmarupe show was well organized: there was enough room in showrings and also good facilities to spend night either in car or tents. It was also possible to swim in the local lake- and although Phoenix and Pipi were not very fond of it, our beloved Rhett appeared to be a really tough swimmer- just like his mommy!

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