Phoenix is EST and LT Junior Champion!

Today is a day of miracles.
In Haapsalu national dog show, honorable Mr Jan de Gids found our Phoenix worth of certificate again. So our girl is Estonian and Latvian Junior Champion now. She showed real confidence and strong will and was able to become Best of Breed ahead of two beutiful Finnish dogs with more age and experience than herself. We got many good words for her beautiful eyes and really good pigment. It is so important to us to get such a high opinion from a judge so competent on our breed. We are happy, thankful and touched.
Besides that, our kennel is proud to celebrate our Ice and Fire Hopewell´s success: at the first show of her life, she was Best of Opposite Sex Puppy! Well done, Riinika and Hopi, thank you so much for those brilliant moments. You have done a good job!

So what could I say?
I would like to say something special, but I can only say these words:
And I need you now tonight and I need you more than ever
And if you only hold me tight We’ll be holding on forever
And we’ll only be making it right ’cause we’ll never be wrong /…/
Forever’s gonna start tonight
(Bonnie Tyler, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”)

I don´t think anyone has ever found a connection between a well-known romantic masterpiece and her dog. But no one has ever had Phoenix!

Thank you, Leili and Monika, that I do have her.

Dear Mr De Gids! Thank you so very much for your honourable opinion on our little girl who we have always thought to be brilliant- but it is so important for us that a really competent person would say she is. You really made our day!

We also thank our competitors in the ring.
Thank you Marika and all the people who have helped us with advice as well as support.
Thank you, Indrek, best husband ever- and as crazy about dogs as myself, thanks to God.

Thank you, Phoenix, the most beautiful, most beloved and most loyal dog on this side of the Rainbow! The world is all yours! Good luck, health and longevity to you, darling. You are loved always.

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Crazy day in Räpina

Our beloved Phoenix keeps surprising us. In Räpina national dog show, she got her second junior sertificate with a good performance (not to mention that she kept her head high even after her handler had had a silly fall) and was best junior and also Best Of Breed. As the day was really hot, we didn´t expect much of the group competition later in the evening. But our baby girl made even brighter performance than in the morning and was also the fourth best in her group for the first time in her life! Lauren was not that succesful, finishing with the result “good” in the end, but still we are not disappointed as we concentrate mainly on obedience training this season.
Next day at Ülenurme Phoenix couln´t find a contact with the judge and was not judged. Pipi was also about to compete but last minute was still left home because of her heat as well as the heat outside :) Next performance for both Pipi and Phoenix will be Haapsalu. As it seems, for Phoenix it is still difficult to shine high on two days in succession, so we will not go to Pärnu and concentrate on Haapsalu instead. We are very excited because in Haapsalu the judge will be honourable Mr Jan De Gids, who has left us incredible impression with his competence, throughness and good attitude from a year ago specialty show of white shepherds. He judged our Ronja then. Now, we await for his opinion on our new star.

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News from Luige

Saturday, July 03rd, Phoenix got her first EST JCAC from Luige (judge Mrs Nijole Zieniene) and was the second best female after her mother Gatekeeper. We are very proud of our little girl. Our sincere thanks to all the people who have helped us thus far.

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The Flight of Phoenix

Saturday, June 12th, was a day of joy again for us. Being nine months and
one day old, our Phoenix made her first flight in junior class in Latvia,
Ozolnieki international dog show. Honourable judge Mrs Brigita Kremser
found us worthy of JCAC which was the first for Phoenix and also kind of
symbolic for us all, as Kessu got her certificate in Latvia too and
Phoenix has taken over just where she left it. Next day we were somewhat
more insecure and resulted with “very good” from Mrs Lidija Oklesèen. We
are satisfied, for it was a good training for us and we could get more
used to being shown and train with other people who we hereby thank very
much. On Sunday evening we celebrated our success with a cake and the
little hero got her part of it as well.
Thank you, Leili, Monika, Marika and all supporters!

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Successful day in the capital

Sunday, June 06th 2010, was full of joy for us. In “Winner 2010″ in Tallinn our youngsters made a wonderful performance: little redheaded Pipi was Best of the Opposite Sex Puppy and Phoenix as the Best of Breed Puppy competed also in the puppy BIS. We can be proud for Pipi´s performance, especially for her moving, which also was noted by the judge- and of course her beautiful head, which is so important for a true Cavalier. Phoenix was also a total success: even when not willing to move at first, she let the judge to check her teeth quite well and also to touch her. Judge Mr Lawless was so kind to give us more chance to show our movement and then we made a lot better already. Our exterior got only good comments from Mr Lawless.

We had a nice chance to meet again our beloved Gulliver. He has grown up to be a wonderful youngster and his owners have made a really good work with him: he can do tricks and knows a dog´s everyday basic. Good, Liia and Allan, and the whole family behind you! Go on- the future awaits you!
Ronja and Lauren go on preparing for their obedience exams. Lauren is also Marika´s demonstration dog at trainings. We haven´t tested her for the gunshots, but she doesn´t seem to be afraid of noise, at least when the new year rockets are shot around the house. We will try to test her in the near future.

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Hopewells first competition was successful !

Kennel Ice and Fire is proud to announce that our beloved Hopi (I&F Hopewell) with her wonderful owner Riinika has taken part of an unnofficial competition of obedience for puppies and youngsters, held by club „Uran“ and judged by MRS E Tamm. Among 5 puppies, many of them older than Hopi, she was the best with 98 points out of 100! Congratulations, Hopi, Riinika, Marika – we are very happy for you! The future awaits you!

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What we have been busy with

Over a long time we have a reason to refresh our homepage. Our dogs have been involved in many disciplines and also made some progress. Phoenix made her show debut in Rakvere with Mr Nikolai Sedõhh as a judge and was second in her class due to lacking social skills (she didn´t permit the judge to look her teeth). Ronja has started again with her field training and she, Phoenix and Lauren have gone on with their obedience trainings (and even Pipi has tasted it already!). Last weekend we spent at the training camp of Born To Win White kennel, training protection under Mr Janar Klement and obedience and field training under our beloved Marika. Ronja was good on all the disciplines, with Phoenix we do not plan to attend on protection trainings, but she was quite good on obedience and worked on field training for the first time of her life. It was a miracle to see her traking the field, she worked really good and gave an impression to her owner as well as trainer. Also both she and the owner gained a lot of self- confidence. Lauren was camping as a demonstration dog and although really hot wheather took some of her brightness, she still impressed with her shine. Rhett was also present, although not working. After the camp, we took Lauren to Marika to go on with her preparation for exams.

Now about today´s news. Phoenix took present of EVLÜ specialty show today. The judge was Mr ALbert Schweitzer. In extremely hot wheather, Phoenix was the second among female puppies, folowwing her sister Keykeeper. We were said to have a very good exterior: good head, eyes, free movement, good topline and angulation. We still have to work towards more self- confidence. Everybody who saw us in Rakvere told we have made a good progress, but a lot of work is still to be done. We are very proud of our little girl!!!

We left the show straight after our performance to make a field training- and both Ronja and Phoenix were working really well. For Phoenix, it was only the fifth time of her life to do it- and she shows really good potential, if only her owner would be better to turn her talents into success.

At the end of today´s blog, we wish to commemorate Kessu, who joined our family exactly one year ago, after the 2009 speialty show. She was with us today, as she is always with us, celebrating every moment of our success from Heaven above. Thank you, my darling, for the time that you fulfilled with love, brightness and joy for us!!!

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Rhett´s 6th birthday today!

It is our beloved Rhett´s 6th birthday today! Many happy returns! We wish you health, longevity and happiness, our dark-eyed little prince! You are the most beloved little dog of the universe.

Mommy has baked a birthday cake. It is covered with pork, chicken, sausage and crabmeat and a mixture of carrots, corn and peas. No spices were added. You can see the result from the picture. Little guy found it tasty and a bit was also given to every member of our kennel, with either two or four legs.

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Page design

As our visitiors might have noticed has our web page desing been changed several times in recent days. We changed the colour scheme several times until we reached a result that we are happy with. Especially proud are we over the new logo of our kennel for which we give our gratitude to David Rudnick.

To celebrate this please enjoy the latest picture of our cavaliers, taken on 12.02.2010


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The little ones will be 3 weeks old tonight.

Both move around in the nest quite actively and tend to look over the edge. Already two days both of them have their first teeth- and Gulliver has tried to use them already, biting granny´s face yesterday night. It was soooo funny- with teeth as big as grains of sugar he tried to bite like a grwn-up. Today, he was awake before us and looked proudly at me from his nest. But the greatest fun ever was to watch them facing each other and trying to grawl yesterday. We are exited to wait for them to start playing together. Both love to be with people and to be petted. Young mother takes good care of them, even as she takes some time to mind her own business as well. She has a lot of running from Pipi who has decided to be breast-feed once again. Luckily, Pipi is busy with wrestling with Phoenix lately- and it is not always the big one to be at the top of the pile. A few days ago Pipi payed visit to her home kennel to renew her friendship with her sister
Olivia. Looking at them together reminded me of a famous novel of Tammsaare „Põrgupõhja uus Vanapagan“ where a twin brother came home after some time working as a shepherd for another man. He spent time showing his new skills to his home-loving brother- pushing thumbs in the eyes while fighting, telling lies and even stealing a bit, all very important skills. Our little lady also showed her sister her new skills on big dogs´ games. Next time Olivia is coming to our place- we can´t wait who would be the winner of second round.

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