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As said before, our life together was started by our boy dogs. As living together already, we started to look for a dog who would be “as much yours as mine”. We decided it should be a girl this time and after long considerations, we decided to have a Golden retriever. Lauren, born October 09, 2005, came to us from kennel Cayring in Tallinn.

From the very first day at our home, Lauren is the head of our dog company. Actually, it is not bad, as she has grown up from a real hooligan to a girl with acceptable behavior and manners. But what a childhood she had!!! We had to fill in the holes in stone walls, change the wallpaper and get a new carpet cover for our floor after she was old enough to understand why big people have to go to work some time in a day. We still keep a collection of things that she partially destroyed. A dress of mine, some footwear, a hanger, a mattress, a woolen blanket are just a few to mention- and we can´t add a wooden bed, a wooden cupboard and some other furniture to our collection, for these things are still in use. Coming to her senses was, in Lauren´s case, sudden and she fulfilled my hope on soft methods of education: one day she just stopped being a menace and started to listen to our orders. And then, she started to raise our cavalier puppy- with a discipline.

Lauren was meant to be a showdog, as being born from promising parents. Sadly, her career has not been a straight success, for she is considered a bit too slim and lacks long coat. But Lauren knows she was born to be a star! I have never seen a dog with such ambition to show herself before- she totally ENJOYS dog shows, she loves to perform and all the judges so far have said good words about her temperament. In some way, Lauren is an example of my own career as a “dog-person”- we started with difficulties in cooperation and have come to a new level of understanding each-other lately, having been marked for “good- handling” by judges on last times of our performance. We are a team, and I love the feeling. Nüüdmajubaoskan5

Besides dog shows, Lauren likes running in the garden and she has a very strong retrieving instinct- she could run after a ball forever! In hot weather, you just have to stop her from exhausting herself with it.

About Lauren

Lauren was born on Oct 09, 2005.

Choosing a callname for Lauren was quite a hard task. Since her, all of our dogs have go their nicknames after a serious voting between a number of names. We had several good candidates for Lauren as well, among which there were Pipi and Ronja. Then suddenly, an idea came to call her after a player of our favourite football team FC Arsenal- Lauren. And that was final, although considering her character, Pipi would have been a good idea as well.
Describing Lauren, the first word that comes to my mind is “great” although her body is rather small to her breed. She is “great in her mind and soul”. After an awesome puppyhood,she found a peace of mind; she learnt to use and show up her qualities. A row of “very good” and “good” marks on dog shows was followed by “excellent” marks- but this is only exterior beauty! Lauren has lost a lot because of being owned by total beginners who didn´t recognize her as a wonderful material for dog sport, although her mother, grandmother and father are also dogs with good working abilities.

First time Lauren was taken to obedience training, it was just as a joke- another of our dogs was going to trainings and we thought just to try with Lauren as well. But she was a real wonder in opinion of our trainer- and she was already 3,5 years old. Also the judges of dog shows have marked her good working abilities, for example Mrs Ing-Marie Hagelin in Valga, 2009 summer. So after some small competitions with her, I decided to let her work with our trainer Mrs Marika Mikk, because I understood that with a more experienced handler she could achieve most anything in the world! She is very quick, loaded with energy and needs a handler with the same qualites. After three months of trainings, Lauren made the exam on 95 points with a really sparkling work. As for now, the exams of II and III class are also made.

Copy of DSCF0065

Lauren has several habits that are characteristic to her. She likes to hug- standing on her back legs, she puts her front legs around your hips and can stay like this for as long as you wish. Besides that she has a pose that we call “playing a hamster”: sitting down on her back legs, she puts one or two of her front legs on your hand or some furniture. It looks very funny.
Lauren´s favourite pastime is showing herself- either on dog shows or on trainings, she wants to shine. And she shines as a sparkling light everywhere she goes! If there is no chance to play a star, it is okay with her to play in the garden or lay on sofa, being schratched under her belly. But seeing her training collar or the bag with dog show stuff taken from cupboard makes Lauren fly- any time of the day! If the other ones are taken to show and Lauren is left home, she looks desperate and unhappy for the whole evening; showing up only on feeding time and lying in a corner the rest of the time, eyes full of sadness.

Lauren´s only dislike used to be driving in a car. Earlier, when using our friend´s transport we just had to take her on our lap when driving. Now that we have our own car she has got over it. A great future is laying ahead of us!

2011, our Big Mama Lauren became a mother indeed. In good cooperation with Windala´s (thank you, Anna-Maija and Jouko!), Lauren gave birth to 6 wonderful puppies on April, 9th. Lauren´s healthy condition was marvellous through pregnancy, she had enough milk for all of the puppies and she got over the childbirth and lactation quickly and easily. Although young, the puppies show good qualities of character and are eager to learn things, have lots of energy and power- just as we expected from the children of Lauren and Rolle. And so we decided to plan another litter for Lauren in cooperation with kennel Simolan. The puppies are showing very promising qualities and you can read about them in the page Our Litters of our homepage. Our sincere thanks to Sari for her trust and help!

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