Forever in our hearts

This part of our website is dedicated to the dogs of our past. It comes with no photographs as we don´t have any- these dogs are just the names written in heaven above- with a warm hope that a Man and a Dog will meet each other in the other part of the Rainbow Bridge.

First comes a little white dog with upwards tail, black eyes and huge character and a name Pätu (Pämps). He died of dog plague at the age of a year, leaving a big scar in the hearts of my husband and his family.

After him, came Nublu (Nups). A lady with a face similar to schnauzer or terrier- upwards ear, hairy and bearded. She was given to my husband as a child absolutely without charge and the first weeks of her life were a fight for life or death, as she was weakened of ascaridosis. She was a great companion and a trustworthy friend. She passed the Bridge at the age of eleven years because of the cancer.

The starlight from my own past is Sandy, or Sanbig Bim, a pure-bred German Shepherd, belonging to my parents. I was some ten years old when this wonderful creature stepped into my life- and didn´t get much older before he left. He had just one summer to spend with us, and then the hopes and dreams and plans were scattered to pieces- and so were our hearts. Parvovirus took his life at the age of 9,5 months and this was the first time ever that I saw my father crying. He never got over this, never had another dog- and I can´t take my eyes off of any German Shepherd who is of the same type- well-pigmented, dark and strong. My dear Sandy, I am sorry we couldn´t save you from this tragic fate, but I hope you know how much we loved you- and still miss you! From heaven above, keep watch for our current doggie friends!

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